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Why is there a recovery time?

Breast reductions can be one of the most invasive types of surgery because it involves removal of three different types of body tissues. In order for the reduction to be complete the surgeon will have to first remove the breast skin around the nipple (sometime much of the actual nipple is removed).

Then he or she will remove an anchor shaped patch of skin that will give the breast its final shape. The other tissues that will be removed are the fat cells and the mammary glands. The entire process requires much of the breast tissues to be removed and is a shock to the body as any surgery is.

How long does it take?

Each person is different in their ability to heal the body quickly and efficiently. In general most people will take up to one year to have a full and complete recovery. The time that it takes is going to depend on a few different things. Most importantly is the type of breast reduction that is taking place. Someone who is just having a small amount of tissue removed or perhaps only a nipple reduction will require a much shorter time.

The thing to remember is that 90% of the healing takes place in the first four weeks. Most people require an in hospital stay of about two days. After that you'll have a surgical bra on for about three to four weeks. The stitches will be coming out sometime in the first week or two.

Most doctors will be giving you some information on how to eat properly and what vitamins to avoid. This will greatly decrease the amount of time that you're going to spend in recovery.

Getting Back to Work

Most people will be able to get back to work within four to six weeks. This totally depends on the type of work as well as the type of breast reduction that you've had. You should not be doing any type of strenuous work that requires heavy lifting or moving of large objects.

Progress Reports

Hi my name is Anne and I'm 32. I wish I could have had a reduction years ago but time and money didn't really allow it. It took me about two days to get through the first bit of the recovery. It wasn't a horrible experience and now that it's over I'm really glad. It took about another week or so before the stitches were able to come out. They were a bit itchy but never really painful. I had some pain in breasts, but more of an overall numbing pain, nothing terribly excruciating or anything like that. After about a month I could take off the bra that the doctor had me wearing and it was a little sore in one spot for about two days but nothing serious at all.

Jaina 23 had this to say:

Hi I just wanted to submit my healing process. At first I thought it was a horrible idea to have a breast reduction done because of the pain that I had. Thankfully my boyfriend was there to give me a lot of support or I would have had a really tough time with it. Make sure you have someone around to remind you why you decided to do this. I was out of the hospital in almost two days. I had 500 grams removed from the right and 525 from the left. My nipples were also reduced a small amount. I really didn't like the scars at first but after doing some research on the internet I was able to relax knowing that they are going to fade pretty quickly. I'm on week two right now the stitches came out last week and things are looking great. The only time that they're sore in any way is when I'm walking down stairs and I forget to slow down.

Jennifer 26 Texas

Great idea for a website!! I wish I could have had things like this to read before I had my reduction but since I've found it now I'd like to send in my time line. I had decided to do this [breast reduction] because my breasts were causing my back to hurt just about every night and my bra straps have been bugging my since before graduation. I had quite a bit removed, I don't remember the exact amount from each breast but more than half was removed. My recovery was quite horrific at times, I got an infection and had to go back into surgery twice but since then I've had absolutely no problems and I've very glad that I did it. There will most likely be hard times ahead if you haven't had your surgery yet, but trust me when I say that you'll get through it and you'll be very happy you did it. I got out of the hospital the first time within two days and the other two times I was out the same day. The weirdest part is that when you wake up and see your new breasts for the first time, you sort of realize that it's over but you can't go back and that your body has been altered for ever. It doesn't take long to realize the benefits of the reduction and you soon forget about the scars. They're so small right now anyway that no one can tell when you're wearing a low cut dress. My husband has no issues at all with the scarring and never did, he still has his hands you know where any chance he gets. Within a month you'll be right back to normal as far as feeling good about your self and feeling full of energy and you're new free life.

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